At DESLO we are proud to be pre-loved, it is our mission to make luxury products sustainable and accessible. Buying from Deslo is sustainable, it is recycling and reusing  - no factories involved, no chemicals and no child labour.  The fashion community is one of the most dangerous industries for the environment. Did you know in the UK alone - 11 million items of clothing and accessories are dumped into landfill every week, a shocking fact! 
Physical products account for 60% of the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention over 70% of child labour.  Even sustainable manufacturers are not entirely environmentally friendly, because of the energy use in their factories, their transportation systems and of course, the landfill problem when clothing and accessories are eventually discarded. 
At DESLO we offer our customers 100% authentic pre-loved handbags from world famous brands and that means that they are manufactured from quality long-lasting materials. After all we should all start caring out about our planet, then why not choose a way to protect the environment by buying luxury handbags which is both conscious and pleasing?